Fiddly fingers

I use crafts, and cross-stitch to relax.  Husband and I like to watch an hour of television together each evening before bed, usually a box-set of some description.  I personally love this little ritual.  With a busy family it would be all too easy to pass like ships in the night, but we make sure we spend at least an hour in each other’s company at the end of each day.  However, I am a lady who likes to multi-task, and if I don’t have anything to do with my hands I get such fidgety fingers that I end up biting my nails!  

This is where certain crafts come into their own – these crafts can’t involve too many resources (as the dog would knock them out of my lap) and also can’t require too much in the way of concentration, as I do need to be able to follow along with the show.  The best crafts for the job are things like latch-hook rug-making or rag-rugging, crochet, knitting or cross-stitch.

You’ll see (I hope, as long as I get on and write them!) a few more blog posts in the next few days about things that I’ve been making recently.  In December I finished a crochet blanket, then I completed this cross-stitch over Christmas, and this last week I’ve been knitting a snake with the leftover wool from the crochet blanket.  I’ll give more information on my next project once I have posted about the ones I’ve completed – but before I can do that, I need to have a thorough sort out of my craft things in “The Railway Room” as I can’t get to anything at the moment because it’s so higgledy-piggledy, and there are a few minor sewing repairs to do in the meantime, to keep my fiddly fingers busy.

What do you do to keep your fingers busy when you’re watching TV?

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