Have you ever wondered what happened to the fun in life?  As a teenager I got the nickname SmilyMel and it has stuck… but I found myself recently wondering what had happened to the fun.


I truly believe that when people are enjoying themselves they are healthier and more productive.  You’ve heard the saying that “couples that laugh together, stay together”?  I believe it.   And in a world where children are being ferried from organised activity to organised activity and then “entertained” by a screen, where they are force-fed facts and made to endlessly practice test-style questions so they do well in statutory tests, I think we are in very grave danger of our children losing the ability to play and create their own joy.


The Playful Way is my journey to rediscover the playfulness in life and to help others rediscover it too.  I’m an experienced teacher, tutor, blogger, adult trainer, public speaker and freelance writer.  Come and join me on an adventure to find the playfulness in your life.